Our Service

Scienced allows you to discover, read, share and write blogs. We also provide users with groups and forum to connect with like-minded folks, share ideas and solutions to problems and inspire others across the globe.

Age Requirements for using Scienced

You must be at least ten years old to use the platform.

Responsibilities of the content developer

The content posted on the platform is the responsibility of the person or entity that provides it. 

Responsibilities of the readers

If you see any content you believe violates copyrights, you should report to us.

Rights of the content developer

You retain the ownership rights of your content. However, you are required to grant certain rights to Scienced to display, reproduce and promote our platform.

You also provide the users of the platform a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to access your content and this doesn’t give permissions to copy.


You may view the content for your personal, non-commercial use. You are not allowed to:

  1. Reproduce, distribute, broadcast, display, sell or license any part of the content except with prior written permission from Scienced and, if applicable, the respective rights holders.
  2. Access the platform using any automated means (such as robots).
  3. Collect any information that might identify a person (for example, usernames), unless permitted by that person.
  4. Misuse reporting, complaint, or appeals process including by making baseless, disturbing, or trivial submissions.

Modifications to the Service

Scienced is continuously changing and improving. We may also require to modify or terminate our all services, or some part of it without notice. This may happen to make some performance or security improvements, make changes to adhere to the law or prevent unlawful actions. 

Removing Your Content

You may ask to remove your content from the platform at any time.

Closing of the account

You can discontinue using the platform from any moment you want.


If you fail to adhere to the agreement and we don’t take instant action, this doesn’t mean that we are relaxing up any rights. We may take action in the future.