The Role of Technology in Improving Education

Technology has always been a reward to everything we do, but we need to understand what we can do to improve our quality of education.

Assuming technology is the only solution to improve the quality of education is not valid. No doubt, technology is needed in the world of education as it is an irreplaceable tool. But the question is, what kind of technology, and how we use it in a better way?

Talking about lectures filled with inappropriate people on the spot because there is a video call feature feels too cliched. At present, there are already wording startups in Indonesia, including Zenius Education, Neon Education, and Ruangguru, which provide video-based learning services. With this, students can learn while in school. More than that, students who receive related material can access video material that they have not mastered. The success of the services offered by these startup companies is one solution to equalize the differences in education between regions in Indonesia, and can even be emulated by the world.

The role of technology cannot just stop there. In his writings translated by [Marr, 1], Bernard Marr quotes several things that can be accommodated by special technology by artificial intelligence or AI. Artificial Intelligence allows the reading of the habits of each student. By knowing each student’s habits, teachers can find out the interests of the difficulties experienced by students. For example, through digital learning methods, It is estimated that some students spend more time than other students in quadratic observation material. Furthermore, it was recognized that the students were also recorded repeatedly repeating the material from the beginning. Thus appears understanding to teachers who already understand the material well and who is still lacking. Different from the method of asking in front of the class. When the teacher asks who does not understand, Shy Students may not understand correctly but because of shame choose to remain silent.

AI can also help in creating inclusive schools. Through the application of AI, all the utterances made by the teacher can be translated into written form so that students who have a hearing deficiency or language barrier can still understand the material presented. The existence of AI can also help the task of teacher administration. For example, to find out the presence of students, the teachers no longer need to call the names of students one by one. Face recognition technology can help teachers to monitor who is present on time, late, and absent. Going forward, the application of AI will continue to evolve as technology continues to progress.

Although technology can indeed help improve the quality of education, there are still things that need attention. In an article released by [Forbes Technology Council, 2], some members mentioned various things that need to be considered regarding the application of technology in improving the quality of education. The things that must be considered in improving the quality of education are utilizing video games, and learning can be anywhere and anytime. There are many ways you can use to get students to learn not merely by equipping them with textbooks. One way is to use the game as Stephen Elford did. Stephen Elford is a science and mathematics teacher who uses the game Minecraft [Macgregor, 3] as a tool to explain the subject matter.

Then provide opportunities for children or students to teach their friends. Generation Z is a generation in an early age that has been familiar with digital technology. Unlike the previous generations who were new to the latest information technology when they were adults. This situation is one of the reasons why generation Z tends to be faster in mastering technology. With these abilities, it will be interesting if these children are wording to teach what he has understood and not yet understood by other students and even the teacher himself. After all, everyone feels entitled to share their knowledge as long as it’s not a hoax.

The existence of technology is one solution to the problem of education. Even so, technology cannot work alone. Cooperation is needed from various parties to be able to solve the existing problems. Because after all, quality education that can improve the quality of life is Human Rights.


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